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When you visit Huntingtower you will find excellent teachers, focussed and joyous students and many happy families. Our high expectations of behaviour and attitude go hand in hand with academic achievements that place us amongst the most successful schools in Melbourne. However, we understand that a private school education is a large commitment for most families, so we do thank you for considering a Huntingtower education for your child/children. 

2021 Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees & Resources Levy 

Tuition FeesResources Levy*
Year LevelPer TermPer AnnumPer TermPer Annum
Early Learning Centre (3 year old)$1,025$4,100$80$320
Early Learning Centre 4 year old)$2,050$8,200$80$320
Foundation, Years 1 & 2$2,955$11,820$240$960
Years 3 & 4$3,735$14,940$245$980
Years 5 & 6$4,430$17,720$245$980
Years 7 & 8$5,305$21,220$320$1,280
Years 9 & 10$5,630$22,520$350$1,400
Year 11$5,875$23,500$350$1,400
Year 12 (3 terms only)$8,010$24,030$470$1,410

* The resources levy helps purchase, maintain and replace educational resources and reference material.

Other Compulsory Fees

FeeYear LevelPer Annum
Excursions, Incursions & Bus ChargeELC - Year 6 $100
Bus Charge (for compulsory excursions and sport)Year 7 - 12$340
Urban, Middle School Programs & Duke of Ed BronzeYear 9$880
Laptop device (subsidised cost incl. case and bag)*Year 7$1000

* A warranty charge will be added to the school fee account (pro-rata) in Year 7 and 8 for this device.

Optional Programs & Subject Levies

Additional charges per term may include miscellaneous items, iPad insurance and charges associated with optional incursions / excursions.  

FeeYear LevelCostCharge Interval
VET Sports and RecreationYears 10 & 11/ Year 12$80 / $110Per Term
VET Information TechnologyYears 10 & 11$55Per Term
Duke of Ed Silver & GoldYears 10, 11 & 12$275Per Year
Food TechnologyYears 10 & 11 / Year 12$105 / $115Per Term
Visual CommunicationYear 10 / Year 11 / Year 12$35 / $65 / $115Per Term
Studio & Visual ArtYear 10 / Year 11 / Year 12$35 / $65 / $115Per Term
Media / Design TechYear 10 / Year 11 / Year 12$35 / $65 / $115Per Term

Additional chargers per term may include miscellaneous items, laptop / iPad insurance and charges associated with optional incursions / excursions.
* There are 4 terms per year except in the case of Year 12 which is invoiced over 3 terms.

Optional Activities & Trips

The school offers other optional co-curricular and extra-curricular activities e.g. music tuition, some excursions and trips (including overseas and interstate trips). Participating in these activities will result in additional charges and levies, and are billed separately. Participation in an optional activity or trip will not be accepted or maintained for any student if the student’s account is in arrears.

Other Optional Charges

FeeYear LevelCost / Rate
After School Care**Foundation - Year 6$11.00 per hour / part hour (min 1-hour charge)
Private Music Tuition-Refer to Music Tuition Information Booklet

** Fees for After School Care are billed 4 times a year at the end of each term with the school fees. The fee is billed in half hour blocks with a minimum one hour charge.

Sibling Concessions

Families with more than one child currently at the School (excluding 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten, Scholarship and Bursary recipients) qualify for a concession on the basic tuition fees only as detailed below. Concessions may be withdrawn for a child where a family is otherwise in arrears.

Children at Huntingtower2021 Concession*
25% for the second student
310% for the third student
4 +20% for the fourth and subsequent students

*Please note that the previous 2019 sibling concession arrangements will continue to apply for families with two or more children already attending the school prior to 2020. At all times there must remain at least two children at the school for the 2019 sibling concession arrangement to continue to apply.

Huntingtower Old Students' Association 

Children of members of the Huntingtower Old Students Association (HOSA) qualify for a 50% concession on their child’s basic tuition fees in their first year of enrolment (excluding Early Learning Centre).

About this Fee Schedule 

This Fee Schedule sets out the fees, charges and levies that will be charged to the accounts for each student enrolled at Huntingtower, and the terms on which these must be paid by that student’s parents (and the consequences if payments are not made on time). It is to be read in conjunction with the School’s Business Terms and Conditions.

As part of the Terms of Enrolment, parents choosing to send their child (children) to Huntingtower understand and accept the financial commitment to pay those fees, charges and levies charged to their child’s (children’s) account(s). Parents are required to meet this commitment in full, including by way of regular payments in accordance with this Fee Schedule and the Account Statements that are issued from time to time by the school.

Please note this Fee Schedule and its terms are reviewed and updated by Huntingtower annually, at its discretion. There may have been changes since last year that are applicable to your family.

Payment Terms 

Fees, charges and levies may be billed by term, semester or year, depending upon their type and the arrangement the parents have with the school.

Account Statements are periodically emailed to parents, typically just prior to the start of each school term, and set out any applicable fees, charges and levies for their enrolled child(ren). Fees, charges and levies are strictly due and payable by the nominated due date set out on each statement, being the first Friday of the school term. Due dates for payment in 2021 are as follows:

TermDue Date
Term 1 20215th February 2021
Term 2 202123rd April 2021
Term 3 202116th July 2021
Term 4 20218th October 2021

Fees, charges and levies for international students are charged a semester in advance in January and July each year.

The school’s fees, charges and levies are all encompassing. Deductions, refunds and waivers will not apply where a student is absent from school, or unwilling or unable to participate, unless the Principal has given prior written agreement to such an arrangement.

Payment Methods 

Payment can be made by credit card through the School Parent portal or by phone (Mastercard, Visa or Amex), BPay, Cheque, or by Bank Transfer as advised on Account Statements. Please note the school will not accept cash payments on school premises however cash can be banked directly into the Schools Bank Account. The school reserves the right to introduce payment surcharges at any time.

Parents seeking any alternative payment terms may consider using Edstart. Edstart is a specialist provider that offers tailored funding packages for school fees and allows parents to extend payment over a longer timeframe. For more information please visit

Payment Discounts 

A discount of 1.00% of basic tuition fees is available for a full year’s fees paid by the first Friday of Term 1. A discount of 0.5% of basic tuition fees is available for a full semester’s (2 terms) fees paid by the first Friday of Terms 1 and 3. These discounts will not apply beyond the due date of payment. Prior to the start of each year parents will be asked if they wish to take up one of these options.

Overdue Accounts 

Parents with accounts in arrears will be levied an administrative charge of $150 per month (per family) until all accounts are settled. Should a cheque or direct debit default, a dishonour fee will apply. The School further reserves the right to on-charge enforcement expenses incurred by the School in the collection process for outstanding accounts, including without limitation any legal costs on an indemnity basis incurred as a result of engaging an external debt collection agency or law firm.

If payments cannot be adhered to because of personal or financial difficulties, an application for variation must be made in writing to the Business Manager. The School may, in its absolute discretion, elect to not allow a student to start a new term, or to otherwise terminate a student’s enrolment, where that student’s account remains in arrears beyond the term where the account falls due.

A student may not be permitted to attend co-curricular or sporting excursions, tours or camps until all amounts owing to the School (including the cost of the excursion, tour or camp where applicable) have been paid in full by the due date.

The School reserves the right to withdraw any scholarships or concessions while any amount remains outstanding or unpaid to the School in respect of that student or any of his/her siblings.

Waiting List Fee 

The non-refundable waiting list fee is $150 (inc GST). A student’s name will be removed from the waiting list if the fee is not paid by the nominated due date.

Enrolment Fee 

An Enrolment Fee of $1,500 for the first student and $1,200 for siblings subsequently enrolled at the School is payable upon acceptance of a formal letter of offer. This is not refundable.

A credit of $750 will be applied to the student’s tuition fees in the first term they commence School.

The total Enrolment Fee is non-refundable if the student does not commence School.

In the instance of non-payment of an Enrolment Fee by the date specified in the Letter of Offer, the offer will expire.

New Families 

New families to the School are required to make an advance payment of one terms tuition fees based on the current years fees schedule to secure a place at Huntingtower by October in the year prior to commencement. Any adjustment for fee increases, scholarships/discounts and the $750 enrolment fee credit will be made when the Term 1 fees are processed in January. If there is a credit balance remaining on the student’s account after adjustments this will be carried forward to the next term.

Should parents cancel their child’s enrolment after October, the advance payment is forfeited to the school as fees in lieu of notice.

Building Fund 

Parents are encouraged to donate to the Huntingtower Building Fund, which helps provide and maintain school buildings. Any voluntary deductions are tax deductible and a Tax Receipt is provided at the end of the financial year for each student account the subject of a donation.

Withdrawal of Students 

One term’s notice must be given in writing, to the Registrar, of the intention to withdraw a student from the school or one term’s fee in lieu will be payable immediately. Students currently enrolled in 4 year old Early Learning or Year 6 will be required to confirm their intention to stay for the following year by the end of May.

Queries About This Fee Schedule 

Any queries about this Fee Schedule, or a payment of a student's account, should be directed to the Business Manager at

  77 Waimarie Drive, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia

Call or email for information: +61 3 9807 8888 |

  77 Waimarie Drive, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia

Call or email for information: +61 3 9807 8888 |

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