Developing Environmental Leaders of the Future

In 2007 Huntingtower became part of the “Water Wise School’s” Program and graduated from there into a “Resource Smart School,” a program run with help from Sustainability Victoria. Through that program Huntingtower has undertaken the following water initiatives:

  • Set up a staff Resource Smart Schools Committee.
  • Appointed Student ELF’s (Environmental Leaders of the Future) in the Junior School.
  • Set an Environmental and Sustainability Policy with targeted reductions in the use of water, energy and waste.
  • Set up a system to measure its water use that can be monitored by staff and students. This system helps identify leaks and misuse within the water system as well as improvements.
  • Installed 8 water tanks to collect most of the rainwater that hits our roofs and sports fields.
  • These tanks include 2 major tanks housing 500,000 litres, smaller tanks collecting rain water from our sheds and residential areas and a 2500 litre tank collecting water for our Early Learning Centre for water play and conservation modelling for the 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Purchased a 1000 litre water cart to transfer water to thirsty trees or gardens.
  • Installed 13 rainwater tap points around the grounds to reticulate rainwater to the lawns and gardens.
  • Maintained a heavy mulching programme for garden beds.
  • Removed all mains garden sprinklers and replaced them with timed rainwater dripper systems.
  • Installed 80 flow pressure valve reducers on non essential taps.
  • Installed semi dry urinals in the main boys and male staff toilet and retro fitted dual flush toilets.
  • Introduced water and sustainability modules to the school educational curriculum.

These initiatives mean Huntingtower is on its way to completing the 5 Star Resource Smart Programme.

One of the 8 Rainwater tanks saving water and helping keep the playing fields greener.
With every 50mm of rain nearly 500,000 litres can be collected.


Rainwater reticulated to taps for hoses and garden drippers


Garden beds re-layed with subsoil drip lines on timers


Young Environmental leaders of the future learn the importance of water from the rainwater supplied water feature


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