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Rationale: As the number of people with websites and blogs grows and the ease with which people can now place personal information on the Internet increases, it is important to specify one aspect of our electronic media policy more specifically, including appropriate use of language and messages as text messages, emails or any other form of electronic communication.

Aims: This policy is intended to ensure that when students or teachers put information on the internet, or interact in cyberspace – particularly on personal blogs, you tube, Facebook and other websites – it is appropriate and that no inadvertent harm can be done to any person or the school.

Implementation: The policy will be implemented by all students and staff members.


  • All information placed on a blog, you tube, Facebook or other web based venue must contain only such wording that is not harmful, discriminatory or of a bullying nature, to any person or organisation
  • If the school’s name is to be used or mentioned as part of a web based application, permission must be obtained from the Principal
  • Caution is recommended when placing your own personal details on the web as they could fall into the wrong hands
  • Photographs should be discreet and permission must be sought from anyone whose picture you are placing on the net
  • No references to other people should be made unless you have their permission or the information is of a complimentary nature
  • When a teacher asks for schoolwork to be placed on the web, it must be sensitive to all the above principles.
  • Any material that does not comply with the above expectation will be removed and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the school’s Electronic Communications Policy.

Review Cycle:
As Internet technology is changing rapidly, this policy will be reviewed as needed.

Policy developed by: The Principal with contributions from staff members.
Date of first implementation: 25 August 2007
Date of Review/update:          25 March 2008
                                                 September 2009
                                                 March 2010
                                                 19 Jan 2012
                                                 12 August 2014

View our Cybersafety Policy and Agreement here:
Huntingtower School Cybersafety Agreement

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