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WATCHING THEM GROW……..a parent’s-eye view of the Year Nine program IMG_2181

If you’re a baby boomer like me, think back to what Year Nine was like in our day. It was probably a pretty forgettable year. At a time when you had a mind and body that was bursting forth from the chains of childhood, you were glued to boring textbooks about totally irrelevant battles, maps and logarithms. Where was the relevance when you were ready to make your mark on the world?

Fast-forward to Huntingtower in 2006 and it’s not just a different world, but a whole new galaxy! Our Year Nine children are a vibrant bunch whose desire to use their intelligence and natural enthusiasm for discovering the world around them is being harnessed within their classroom. Or more precisely, outside their classroom, as the Huntingtower Year Nine program gives them a chance to discover the world they live in, assess and analyse it and work out their place in it. Suddenly education is relevant to the world they live in and the young adults they are becoming. They are testing their limits of endurance through the physical programs such as the extreme bike riding, learning to know their city by living in it overnight, and discovering the psychological challenge of having to find a way to work positively with a group of people which will inevitably include some people you don’t like. Then they need to be confident and articulate enough to face a group of a hundred parents and teachers and give a flawless PowerPoint presentation about their experiences. That’s what I call education – Year Nine style. Today’s generation of Huntingtower Year Nine students are being taught to be polished, confident and articulate young adults who really know the world around them – excellent preparation for high achievement in future studies and professional life.

- Julie Houghton



May I take this opportunity again to say how wonderful the Year 9 program is? I can just see the maturity and cool-headedness this is stimulating in my son and it's making him a very balanced individual at a time when life can be confusing and classwork irrelevant (i.e. a common Yr 9 experience!) While knuckling down to formal work is still an ongoing challenge for him, having the outlet of all the physicality and different challenges of things like Urban Adventure means he is prepared and willing to settle to his class work.

I think the year 9 program is so visionary, and is developing responsibility and the desire to push himself.

My feeling is that both you and Sholto, were all supporters of the kids being involved in as much as possible, because that is part of a real education, …this attitude has been one of HT's big drawcards, and that's why the school produces rounded people - it's about more than just being in class!!!...............Isn't this supposed to be what HT is about?


My daughter came home last night and couldn’t stop talking. She told me all about the places she had seen. She was especially interested in the fact that Melbourne has so much history she never knew about. She wants to take me into the city and show me all the sights. She just couldn’t stop talking.

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