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Huntingtower's educational philosophy stems from our understanding of the spiritual nature of God and of man made in the "image and likeness" of God (as recorded in Genesis 1:27).

God is Love and every child is an expression of Love.  We expect our students to express Love in everything they do. They are encouraged to  always be caring, kind, thoughtful and considerate and to "do unto others as they would have others do unto them".

God is Divine Mind. Every child expresses the infinite intelligence of God and as such they are unlimited. We encourage every child to use the intelligence that they have and be the best that they can be at everything they do. There are no limits to what our students can do and be.

Starting from the basis of unlimited intelligence, love and supply, our expectations for each student are that they can and will change the world. Every student is expected to be a leader in this community and in the community at large. 


Huntingtower is founded on the principles of Christian Science. Christian Science is a recognised worldwide Christian religion. It was established by Mary Baker Eddy nearly 150 years ago. It is based on the words and works of Christ Jesus and draws its authority from the Bible. If you would like further information on Christian Science please use our link to or

It must be noted that no doctrinal instruction in religion is given at Huntingtower.

While Christian Science is perhaps best known for its emphasis on healing by spiritual means, the wishes of parents of Huntingtower students for medical attention for their children is respected at all times. Please also note that Christian Science has no connection whatsoever with Scientology.

Victoria’s Oldest Co-ed Boarding School


Huntingtower commenced as a co-educational boarding school in Huntingtower Road, Malvern in February, 1927.  This makes it Australia’s oldest co-educational boarding school. "Huntingtower" was the name of the original homestead erected in 1858 in rolling plains in the area now known as Armadale and Malvern. Later,the street in front of front of the house was called Huntingtower Road and the original homestead was purchased  for the school in 1927. It is presumed that the homestead was itself named after Huntingtower Castle in Scotland.   At the end of that first year, there were fifty students (including twelve boarders) from kindergarten to Year 11. There were four permanent teachers and eight visiting teachers.  During the next two decades, the school expanded to a point where it was seen as necessary to sell the Huntingtower Road property and move to its present site in Mount Waverley. The present campus was opened in 1954.

The school crest includes an open book - symbolising the availability of all knowledge to the seeker - and the letters "HT" interwoven. The motto "Nosce te Ipsum" is a Latin translation of the demand that is made of each Huntingtower student: "Know thy true self".

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