Discipline Policy

RATIONALE: This policy provides some clarity on the approach to discipline at Huntingtower.

IMPLEMENTATION: This policy is implemented by all staff at Huntingtower.

No corporal punishment occurs at Huntingtower.
When a student has transgressed a rule or expectation of behaviour the matter is discussed with them in a firm but loving and respectful manner by the teacher who is involved in the incident or issue. It is expected that students are respectful and polite in return. An apology should be speedily forthcoming.

All incidents are recorded and these records must be kept. A copy of these records should be placed in the student’s personal file.


Senior School
If the matter is deemed serious or is repeated frequently, the student is referred to his or her Mentor who may in turn involve the Year Level Coordinator. Once again, repetition or seriousness may result in the student being referred to the Head of Middle School or Vice Principal, as the case may be. In cases of extreme seriousness the Vice Principal may refer the matter to the Principal together with all collected records of the student’s misdemeanour.

Junior School
Misdemeanours should be referred to the student’s class teacher who will in turn refer the matter to the Head of Junior School if it is deemed to be serious or repeated.


  • Detentions may be given by staff members.
  • Detentions may take place on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoons or on Saturday mornings (for more serious offences).
  • Suspension may occur once the parents have been contacted and the offence discussed with them. The Principal is consulted before a suspension is enacted.
  • Expulsion will occur as a last resort and only the Principal may enact this step.

Policy established: February 2004
Reviewed: November 2008
                   August 2014

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