Pastoral Care

Joshua-Barelier-(Year-1),-MPastoral Care & Support Services

At Huntingtower, mutual respect for each other and a sense of caring  are very important. Huntingtower’s Pastoral Care is based on a  Mentor System, Year Level Coordinators and the House System.

Mentor System

In  Years 7-10, the Mentor System is based on  class groups rather than in house groups. For example, Class7.1 meets as 7.1 and is made up of a mixture of students from all four houses. In most cases, the teaching Mentor will also teach his\her mentor group for a subject. This means the Mentor will see his or her mentor class more than only in the mentor time. By having a Mentor responsible for a class group, he\she will be able to better monitor the progress of the students.

The Mentors are responsible for the pastoral care of the group. The Mentor meets with his or her students daily, gets to know them at a more personal level and keeps a general eye  on their welfare. The Mentor is in regular contact with his or her mentee students’ teachers and is often the first port-of-call for the parents. Parents should feel free to contact the Mentor about any issue relating to their child.

Due to the nature of VCE classes the students in Years 11 and 12 will continue to operate in house mentor groups.

Year Level Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the progress of the year group. They can be contacted for any issues relating to the year. The Year Level Coordinators work closely with the mentors to ensure all students are progressing well. They also ensure that the year level has a clear identity and that the educational program is meeting the needs of the students. Year Level Coordinators  are also responsible for coordinating for the year level camp.

Student  Counsellor

A student counsellor is available to assist students as and when needed.

Learning Enrichment

The Senior School Learning Enrichment Centre at Huntingtower is a centre of and for learning. Huntingtower’s purpose is to provide a high standard of education in which each student is encouraged to recognize and demonstrate his or her ability to achieve in any area of the curriculum.

Students meet with the Learning Enrichment teacher as needed. Sometimes for just 10 minutes, once or twice a week. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for attending the LEC, on time and ready with a priority list of their needs or urgent work or study they may need assistance with.

In acknowledgment of the uniqueness of every student and the necessity to provide appropriate programs to satisfy the needs of all learners, the Learning Enrichment Centre enables the gifted and talented, students with learning difficulties and those students who may need support for a specific skill or strategy to become confident learners. All students are encouraged to develop their self-esteem and self-belief.

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