Our Mission & Purpose


The purpose and mission of Huntingtower is to be a beneficial presence in the world; to uplift thought and to bless mankind.

Each student is encouraged to recognize and demonstrate his or her spiritual nature in school experience by expressing the freedom from limitation to achievement available to everyone through the power and love of God. This results in very high standards of education at all levels, sub-primary, primary and secondary.



  • Huntingtower is a school which encourages students to base their lives firmly on Christian principles and to focus on what is good and wholesome.
  • Huntingtower welcomes pupils whose parents recognise that the school is based on spiritual values as well as sound learning and are willing to support our values which recognise God as the source of all good.
  • Qualities such as wisdom, joy, life, love, enthusiasm, diligence, obedience, thoughtfulness, truthfulness, perception, freedom, control and excellence are understood to be natural qualities inherent in everyone as the expression of God. Students are encouraged to recognise their limitless potential to demonstrate God’s qualities and achieve their desired goals. Huntingtower seeks to express these qualities in all its activities.
  • Huntingtower students are encouraged to support and be understanding of children who have a physical, emotional or mental disability.  Huntingtower does not discriminate in its enrolment of these students. 


  • Huntingtower aims to provide sound moral, academic, social and physical training.
  • Students are encouraged to express the unlimited intelligence and ability implied in the school motto.
  • A Huntingtower education aims to equip each student with the skills of  literacy, numeracy, language, computing and communication the ability to research, enquire and analyse, an understanding of the humanities and sciences and an appreciation of music and the creative arts.
  • The focus of teaching is on the development of the individual student’s ability to be an accurate, discerning and forthright thinker.
  • Huntingtower aims to ensure that its students receive proper training to become responsible and useful citizens and constructive thinkers who are respectful of all races, religions and attitudes.
  • Sport is taught as part of a complete education, giving expression to qualities such as alertness, vitality, perception and judgment. All students are required to participate.
  • The Huntingtower Boarding House has a family atmosphere and aims to ensure that each boarder gains an awareness of responsible and co-operative behaviour and the training usually associated with a good home. 


  • All members of staff shall be suitably qualified in their particular fields and are expected to support the Purpose and Policies of Huntingtower.
  • Teachers are encouraged to be aware of contemporary and traditional practices and educational methods. These practices shall be adopted only if they are considered the best methods for Huntingtower.
  • Teaching staff shall have full-time appointments whenever practicable. 


  • Huntingtower seeks and retains as students and staff members who are prepared to make a conscious effort to benefit from what the school has to offer and who are prepared to work loyally and in harmony with the policies and established practices of Huntingtower.
  • Huntingtower shall always be conducted as a co-educational institution. All members of the staff and the student body, regardless of gender, shall be eligible for responsibility and shall have equal opportunity to participate fully in the various activities which Huntingtower provides for individual development.
  • Unity of purpose and action shall be the goal of all who are connected with the work of Huntingtower. Separate departments and support groups shall give loyal support to the school.
  • Huntingtower staff shall seek every opportunity to give guidance to students in conduct, manners, consideration for others, appropriate behaviour, grooming, speech, care of property, willing service and responsibility.
  • Huntingtower shall conduct its administrative activities and procedures on the best possible current business and ethical practices and in strict accordance with the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). It is expected that obligations to and by Huntingtower shall be met promptly.
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs of dependence, gambling and undesirable social conduct are inconsistent with the school’s values and are prohibited for all Huntingtower students. This requirement also applies out of school hours.
  • A written commitment to this effect is made by students entering the Senior School and by parents on behalf of Junior School students. Contravention of these requirements may lead to suspension or expulsion.
  • All activities taking place in the grounds of Huntingtower or organised by the school shall be consistent with the standards required of the students. Thus alcohol will not be supplied or consumed at school or at school organised functions. 

Visitors are requested to observe the “no smoking” requirement both in the school buildings and the grounds.

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